We provide training for coffee , tea and mixology for syrups and purees

  • Students can understand and be able to apply appropriate skills for complex problems in coffee society.
  • Students will be able to get creative in making their cocktails/mocktails by working with a wide range of flavors.
  • Students will have training on the finest tea served in the leading hotels across the world.

It is a course designed to develop a Barista to cope with the coffee industry. 

  • Coffee Introduction overview
  • Espresso machine & grinder introduction
  • Espresso extraction principle
  • Latte steaming skills, Cappuccino making.
  • Calibration of grinder and espresso machine.

A Mixologist knows the essential about how to create unique an exciting flavors with the syrups, purees & frappe powders .

  • Understanding the flavor of ingredients 
  • Bar preparation and Base methods
  • Create world’s most trendy 5 beverages
  • Flavor expression and Communication skills.

It is a course to understand  

  • Different types of teas
  • Different variations
  • Tea process based on the types.
  • Tea brewing tips and tricks
  • Serving guidelines