About Us

Introduction to ODK

The origins of ODK come from the prestigious and fertile Sicilian lands and our inspiration to be the best comes from the authenticity of the “made in italy”.

Nowadays, ODK is a trusted partner and a brand of choice in the drinks industry in more than 50 countries.

About Us

Cocktail Revolution

ODK is part of the cocktail revolution. The professionals of beverage need to be quick and use less time to keep the high quality of the beverages and with ODK products, it's possible.

About Us

Fruity Mix Line

  • 24 Flavors
  • Highly profitable
  • Low wastage of product

Versatile: Use in all your drinks, slushes and frappe

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Syrup Line

38 Flavors

Versatile: Use with coffee, spirits, chocolate, frappe and soda water

About Us

Syrup Line

7 flavours for barista

A special line perfect for aromatizing hot and cold drinks!

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Sour Line

The orgin of our raw material allows us to create an authentic and gourmet product. We describe this line as "essential", the subtle flavor of the Sicilian lemon and the intensity of the lime from the Mexican land bring andy drink to a top level.

  • 2 flavors
  • Gluten fenn

High concentrate for greater performance in your recipes.

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Iced Tea Line

6 Natural flavors

  • Mandarin
  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Green
  • Iced Tea
  • Bergamot
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Creamy Line

6 flavors

Versatile: Can be user to make, latte macchiato or with coffee, paint over for a spectacualr finish to cappuccinos.

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Hot Chocolate Line

Now out with a new hot chocolate line:

The special mixes are made with love, care and attention and you'll fell that in your hot cup!